ATLANTE 60 white gold and bronze ring


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ATLANTE 60 - Spirit of the Ocean, ring for men in recycled gold and bronze, 6,0 mm, limited edition of 100 numbered pieces

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"It is said that 10,000 years ago, the Atlanteans, people with advanced techniques of Atlantis, forged a metal rarer and more precious than gold, orichalcum ...
They would have perished underwater, taking all their secrets with them ... "

The ring ATLANTE 60 - "Spirit of the Ocean" is a tribute to all the men who conquered the oceans, whether on the surface or in the abyssal bottoms, and who, beyond their own limits have discovered unexplored territories and unsuspected human physical abilities.

my-ring-factory is committed to the protection of the Oceans by being a partner of Longitude 181 - The Way of the Ocean ( The company donates part of its profits to the association for each ring sold. The acquirer of ATLANTE is offered membership for one year at Longitude 181.

ATLANTE 60 ring, is made with recycled 750 white gold and phosphor bronze, manufactured in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies.

- Inner part: raw rhodium-free 750 white recycled gold (1) (RJC-COC certified refiner) - 18k - Au750Pd13 - Atlante logo and laser-engraved serial number - 6.0 mm wide
- Upper part: marine grade phosphor bronze - CuSn6 - laser-engraved wind rose with 4-point cardinal compass wind and 4 intermediate winds - 4,2 mm wide
Made in Paris - Label Joaillerie de France
Indicative gold weight in size ø60: 6.50 g
Total weight of the piece in size ø60: 9.10 g

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Designer's note: "The choice of bronze was a natural choice, its warm color evoking the Victorian era, the foundries of yesteryear, and the universe of 20,000 leagues under the seas of Jules Verne.
Long employed in shipbuilding and for the first diving suits, bronze is still used today for the production of propellers and boat fittings. Some of the high end watch brands already use bronze to design the cases of some watches of the marine universe. In specialists of the precious ring, we wanted to associate with the most modern and ethical bronze precious alloys, 750 white gold with 13% of palladium. This gold is certified 100% recycled, ethical and traceable by the refiner who supplies our Parisian workshop (Certified C.O.C - Chain of Custody).

The bronze ring is engraved with motifs inspired by diving watch bezels, and diving suits of the first professional divers. On the top, two furrows evoke nautical charts with traces of the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. The bronze ring is engraved with a wind rose with four cardinal points and four intermediate winds in degrees, guides men on all the seas for centuries.
Its width (6,0 mm) and its height are consequent to evoke the robustness necessary for all that must face the Oceans, on the water as under water. The surface finish on the bronze is brushed to contrast with the bright polishing of the white gold part. Each asperity, each fine vein traced in the bronze are as many traps where the oxidation will be able to be deposited, conferring on each ring ATLANTE, a single patina *.

The ATLANTE 60 ring is forged in Paris, in the heart of one of the oldest Parisian workshops (founded in 1886), renowned for its seamless forged alliances (Gold Medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900) and subcontractor of the jeweler top brands of the Place Vendôme. This workshop has obtained the Joaillerie Label of France (100% designed and manufactured in France) and is certified RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) which imposes the respect of ethical, safety and environmental standards from the mine to the consumer. Each of the two pieces that make up Atlante is made of a single block (without welding), one in gold and the other in bronze, before being embedded one in the other in a hydraulic press."

(*) The phosphorus bronze CuSn6 is composed of 6% tin, 0.4% phosphorus, the rest copper. The addition of phosphorus in the bronze alloy gives it better resistance to corrosion, tarnishing and wear (used for the manufacture of boat propellers). Although it is closely related to the marine world, bronze is not stainless. It is covered with a thin oxidized layer, which protects it. This limited oxidation results in the bronze patina. Its hue and surface appearance change over time. Its slightly pinkish hue can brown and become covered with verdigris, the result of the oxidation of the copper that makes up the bronze (especially in the marine environment). Each Atlante ring will evolve differently according to the uses of the wearer. If you want to keep its light pink hue, you should wear ATLANTE every day and wash your hands with it. The acidity of detergents will prevent it from turning brown. Alternatively, dip it for a moment in lemon juice, rub with a small, soft toothbrush and rinse with clean water.

(1) Recycled gold, resulting from a process designed to treat identified gold waste. The metal used to produce ATLANTE 60 comes exclusively from gold from the jewelery, medical, and electronics markets. The refiner of the workshop that produces ATLANTE 60 is certified RJC-COC.

ATLANTE is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

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MétalWhite gold
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